Posted By Adam J. Baillie on Sep 16, 2021 |

Beginning on Sunday, October 3, 2021, Community United Methodist of Elyria will be offering a worship service for children in first grade through sixth grade.  This service will run at the same time as our adult worship service, beginning at 10:45 am.  The service will be offered the first four Sundays of the month.  Since our youth provide the worship service on the fifth Sunday of the month, we will allow the children to attend in the adult worship experience, to see what they have to look forward to.  In the first four Sundays the children report directly to the area assigned for their worship service.  This location still needs to be determined.  We are hoping this gives the young children an opportunity to participate in a service which contains a service, more in tune with their needs and wants.  Due to the pandemic we are in, we are encouraging all children to wear masks, as a vaccine is not yet available for their age group.